About me

I started designing and making cards a few months later after my graduation in Graphic and Media Design (Illustration), still not sure where it was going to take me at that point. Then I heard about Etsy- I was intrigued by the idea of a handmade community full of craft-lovers like myself! Which is when I took my first step to opening an account and putting up the first few of my cards on sale, and that's how it all began...

I got a very cosy workspace at my home studio, I just love being surrounded by all my favourite things and having a wall of my favourite inspirations to keep my mind flowing.
I am very specific with my suppliers and always choose the best quality I can find, and try to stay green and use recycled materials when I can. I love the textures, colours and feel of the materials I use and am sure you will too!

If you'd like to hear more, you can visit my website at www.thelittlematters.co.uk or follow me on Instagram (thelittlematters), Twitter (@thelittlematter), Facebook, Tumblr or Pinterest!

In the meantime, enjoy browsing my Etsy shop :)
Lillian x

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